Saturday, January 7, 2017

Analysis of Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting: Executive Summary and Conclusion

Hello folks,

It's Saturday, January 7, 2017.  For those, who haven't been paying attention, this news article will give a good summary.

But what's behind all of this?  The scope of this post, will be an "Executive Summary", as well as my Conclusions, of what occurred at the Fort Lauderdale Airport.  If asked, I might post a second article, with more details.

First, some background.  We all dream  --  it's part of being human.  In fact, when people have conducted "Sleep Deprivation Studies" on humans, they find that, among other things, hallucinations occur, when the "dream story line" interferes with "Waking Life".  And guess what?  Dream storylines, by definition include "juicy details", often with our Government, "Alphabet Agencies" (CIA, FBI, NSA, etc), and a Whole Lot of "Conspiracy Theories"!

So what do we know, so far, about Esteban Santiago, and his shooting spree at the Ft. Lauderdale Airport?  Back in November, he showed up at an Anchorage, AK FBI office, saying that CIA voices were trying to force him to view ISIS videos.  Now doesn't this fit in with some of the "wild dreams" people may have?  And how many murderers have said they "heard Voices, telling them to murder"?  Quite a few, as that Google Search shows!

Now, with all of this, what Conclusion can I possibly come to?  First off, the Psychiatric Staff in Anchorage, Alaska, who "treated" Esteban Santiago need to be arrested, as Co-Defendants, in the Airport Shooting!  Think about it:  Someone shows up, at FBI headquarters, saying that "The CIA" is "forcing him to view ISIS Videos"!  Now, you know that the News Agencies would Salivate, if he'd "Pledged Allegiance to ISIS", and shouted Islamic curses, while committing the shooting.  So who was his Psychiatrist working for, anyway?

Enough for now.  I'll be interested in comments, either here, or on Facebook.

Stay safe!

Best regards,

Kenneth Wayne Parker, Troubleshooter, Eye Blink Universe.
  --  "I'm a Troubleshooter:   I Look for Trouble and Shoot It!"

Saturday, July 23, 2016

The United States Election is Quite Important.

It has come to my attention, that a Mr. Donald J. Trump might be elected president.  If that were to occur, it would jeopardize the Earth/Universe connections, some of which are quite classified, for obvious reasons.  Even in more understandable issues, this could be so dangerous, as to suggest that Planet Earth has decided to go Suicidal.  For example, as Commander in Chief, "President Trump" would have access to the Nuclear Codes, and could, say in a nightmare-induced Hallucination, launch nuclear missiles against another country (say, Syria), which could encourage other Nuclear-ready countries to retaliate.  So, as I stated on Facebook, there will have to be Universe Intervention, in the affairs of the United States, if Donald Trump is elected, in November, 2016.  The details are pending, and will require committee meetings with the Council of Worlds.

You have been warned.


Kenneth Wayne Parker

Eye Blink Universe

Friday, May 13, 2016

The Universe Was Split Asunder

There was a break in our Universe.  I felt it, like a shock wave.  We are investigating this, and will get back to you later.  We think that normal life can continue.  Thank you.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Things are looking up now.

I'm actually feeling more at one with this Quantum Universe.  I even was able to discuss philosophical issues, and be understood (at least, somewhat), conversations, that occurred, at a coffee house (Looking Glass Cafe, in Carrboro, NC), at an occurrence, yesterday.  Thank you!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Different types of Universes

There are more than one type of Universes.  There is, first, one Static Universe, the one originally created by God, First Cause, The Tao, All That Is, Allah, Buddha, or any other names of God people can come up with.  It is also an Infinite Universe.  Many call it a Multiverse.  But, from its point of view, all other Universes would be a subset of it.

This Universe is a special subset of the main Universe, meant to troubleshoot issues with the big one. It is meant to be small, but can be any size, related to the troubleshooting job, that is required.  This Universe even has a Facebook Page.

One thing that is different from the "normal Universe" is the fact that the Eye Blink Universe is friendly to other Universes.  There are two main groupings here.  One is a functional group, like a Corporation or, say, a lifestyle (for example, the Star Trek Universe). Note that this is often called a "fictional Universe", by those who like Science Fiction, but don't allow for advanced scientific topics, such as Time Travel.

And then, we come to the "types" of Universes, which is such a huge topic, I created a separate BLOG to handle it.

Anyway, there will be more on this, even as edits to this post.

Thank you and best regards,

Kenneth Wayne Parker, Carrboro, NC

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

We need Biological Units in Seattle, ASAP

The Mud Slide in Snohomish County, Washington, is the Earth waking up, and checking his/her arms, legs, tentacles, and so forth.

This will work out, in the end, but unfortunately with a loss of life.

Why "Biological Units"?  Well, human beings, as normally understood, are pretty fragile. How about industrial strength androids?

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Universe Time Slice has just been taken.

Hello folks,

This is routine.  Nothing to worry about.  We're just investigating an incident that occurred on, and around the George Washington Bridge, on September 9th, 2013.  On that day, two of three lanes were closed to traffic from New Jersey to New York.  This, unfortunately, continued for a few days, which we are investigating, with the help of all of our agencies.

So we magnified those days, with some before and after, and have them safely in storage.  Our forensic experts will use this data for the purpose of determining if there were political reasons for causing major traffic upsets.  This may lead to other investigations, of course.  There should be no issues, except if you are psychic, where you might be able to see, hear, and in some cases, contact employees of the Department of Infrastructure, who are working on this issue.  Some of them may look like me.

Thank you and best regards,

Kenneth Wayne Parker, Troubleshooter, Eye Blink Universe.

  --"I'm a Troubleshooter.  I look for trouble and shoot it".